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Report Generation

"One of the really nice features of COLUMBUS is that when a process is called up, it can be formatted for printing merely by clicking on Print Preview under the File pull-down menu. Not only is this a time saver in preparing reports for the client, but it is a super way to view data while working with it." -- Professional Surveyor Magazine

  • Fully-detailed reports can be generated from all computational modules of COLUMBUS (see sample). For network design and/or adjustment, reports can be generated automatically (selectable) or on-the-fly by clicking on the Report option active for each design/adjustment view.

  • With Print Preview, you can view your design/adjustment reports before printing.

  • Reports can be sent to one file or several files. Each file is time and date stamped for historical reference.

  • For each report, a companion *.csv (Microsoft Excel) file can also be Generated.

  • With over 25 reports possible from a 3D geodetic network adjustment, you can select to generate all or only the ones you need.

Network Adjustment and Coordinate Transformation
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