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Why Choose COLUMBUS?

COLUMBUS Network Adjustment Software puts the power of geodesy at your fingertips. Whether you're working in Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Vista, XP or 2000, many of the tools you need can be found within one integrated system. You can perform network adjustments, or design networks not yet measured. Coordinate data can be transformed to a variety of coordinate systems, then exported to other software products.

Locating poor field data is not a problem with the help of our extensive Coordinate Geometry (COGO), network adjustment and error analysis tools. Need to perform "what-if" analyses? COLUMBUS was developed so the inclusion or exclusion of data can be quickly reprocessed and reviewed.

Designed with the user in mind, COLUMBUS organizes data internally so you don't have to provide numerous project, coordinate, observation or other cumbersome files. With COLUMBUS, all you need to think about are your stations and observations. Complete projects can be easily constructed in one flexible ASCII (Text) file or across several files. No need to determine approximate coordinates for unknown stations - COLUMBUS automatically computes an initial coordinate solution using your field observations.

Projects can be processed as a whole or in user-selectable subsets. Once a network is constructed, observations can be weighted individually or globally by observation type.

Back in the office, just load your data into COLUMBUS and instantly view a graphical representation of the network measured in the field. Our Zoom In/Zoom Out feature allows you to get a closer look. Powerful entity selection makes getting a detailed look at your data just a mouse click away.

Whether you're building a network from just a few stations or several thousand, COLUMBUS allows you to easily process, view and manipulate your project data on-the-fly.

Once you've worked with COLUMBUS, you'll see that we truly are dedicated to simplifying geodesy!

Network Adjustment and Coordinate Transformation
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