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What's New?

  • Free Online OPUS Least Squares Utility

    Use this free Microsoft® Silverlight® Web application to quickly compute the unique coordinate from multiple OPUS solutions. Try it now.

  • ALTA Seminar Featuring COLUMBUS

    Presented January 16, 2009 at the ISPLS Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. Information and presentation in PDF format

  • COLUMBUS Training Videos   Press Release

    Use these free training videos to learn more about COLUMBUS Network Adjustment Software Version 3.8.1.x.

  • Version Now Available   

    Major Enhancements Include

    • Direct import support for Trimble JXL, .RW5, SKI data files (GPS Baseline Data).

    • Column header export for User Defined Export tool.

    • Simplify Copy/Paste from excel (into data grids) by adding multiple empty rows first.

    • Direct import of Trimble Data Exchange (.ASC) files
      into current COLUMBUS project.

    • Local custom Geoid Model for Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    • Data Management Grids: Intuitive spreadsheet-style user interface for entering/editing your Station, Observation and Datum data.
    • Support for State Plane, UTM, TM adjustments (2D and 3D); Canadian HT2_0 geoid model; Simplified the Options Library Manager User Interface.
    • Local NEE, State Plane and UTM (TM) Traversing and Loop Closures; Optional formatted reporting in adjustment summary view.
    • Trig leveling adjustment and traversing support; Quick calculation tools; Observation conversion tools; Station and Observation removal (by type) tools.
    • OPUS and Coordinate File Import Tools; Adjusted State Plane coordinates and inverses; coordinate observations; updates to the State Plane/UTM to-from Geodetic transformation tools.
    • Comprehensive column sorting for selection lists and computational results; full ENU or NEU covariance coordinate observations; reporting the aposteriori variance factor for each observation type; and several other miscellaneous UI enhancements.
  • Download COLUMBUS Version 3.8 demo kit

    ALTA/ACSM Positional Testing; Options Library Manager; powerful 1D, 2D, and 3D point-and-click geodetic traversing with redundant observations; and simplified integration of Local 2D NE and 3D NE Elevation adjustments.

    The demo can be installed and run on Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT 4.0, and 95 (approx 5.4 MB). More information and New Features list

  • Fully Updated User Manual Now Available

  • TDS .rw5/.raw File Conversion Tool - Add GPS baseline support

  • Quick Tips for Using COLUMBUS

    Helpful pointers on using COLUMBUS. This section is continually updated, so check back often

  • Real-World Applications of COLUMBUS

    Examples and explanations on using COLUMBUS to solve practical surveying problems. Topic suggestions welcome.

  • Take a look at our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page for COLUMBUS usage tips.

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