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COLUMBUS Version Demo

  • COLUMBUS Version 3.8 demo kit has all the functionality of the full release (up to 12 stations and no limit on the number of observations).

    Readme.txt file (includes comprehensive description of all new features), and sample network adjustment data files and reports are also included. The demo can be installed and run on Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT 4.0, and 95.

    Click here for more information and a feature list or Download it now (approx 5.4 MB).

COLUMBUS Version Program Executable

Important Information About This Upgrade

Click here for Upgrade Pricing

When you upgrade to COLUMBUS Version 3.8.x.x from an earlier Version (3.7.x.x and older) by replacing the Columbus.exe file, you will need a new Access Code. The upgrade will not run until you get the new Access Code. Please schedule the installation during non-peak work hours to ensure you have minimal downtime while acquiring a new Access Code.

Suggestion: A better approach is to install COLUMBUS Version 3.8.x.x using the full installer; you will need to contact us for the download URL.

The full installer version of COLUMBUS 3.8.x.x can coexist side-by-side with earlier versions. You will still need a new Access Code to run Version 3.8.x.x, but your earlier version of COLUMBUS will continue to function.

Installation Steps

  1. Rename your current Columbus.exe file to some other name (for example, ColumbusOld.exe).

  2. Download the Columbus.exe or ColumbusNet.exe file and put it into the current COLUMBUS installation folder used in Step 1. If using ColumbusNet.exe, rename to Columbus.exe.

  3. When you run the new executable, you will be asked for a new Access Code (if you do not currently have 3.8 installed); contact Best-Fit Computing for the new Access Code.

  4. To install the updated Help files, unzip and place the Columbus.hlp and Columbus.cnt files into your Columbus installation folder.

File Convertors

Geoid Modeling

  • COLUMBUS supports the EGM 96 World Wide Geoidal Model (approx. 3000K), a geopotential model of the Earth consisting of spherical harmonic coefficients complete to degree and order 360. This model is the result of a collaboration between the National Imagery and Mapping Agency, the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and the Ohio State University. Click here for more information on EGM 96.

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Network Adjustment and Coordinate Transformation
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