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COLUMBUS Network Adjustment Software

    Version (latest version - 03/01/2011
    • Fix crash that can occur when closing the Outlier Observation View or the NoCheck Observation View (from a network adjustment).

    Version (12/05/2010)

    • Fix logic when importing duplicate station coordinates from KML files.
    • Minor tweaks to RW5 import logic.

    Version (03/25/2010)

    • Add support for Geoid 2009 Modeling.

    Version (01/29/2010)

    • Trimble Data Exchange (*.asc) file: Slope distance standard deviation was not correctly converted to meters, resulting in a value that is too large.
    • Trimble Data Exchange (*.asc) file: Slope distance prism constant was used in active linear units (linear units in the *.asc file). The value is always meters.

    Version (latest version - 10/03/2009)

    • Fix minimum allowable value for Instr/Target height in applicable Observation Data Management grids. Prior to fix, negative values were not allowed.

    Version (09/24/2009)

    • Fix bug when validating an angular value of the form: 39.5960 (DD.MMSS, 39 deg, 59 min, 60 sec).
    • Fix intermittent bug that did not allow data entry in the DEMO version.

    Version (08/24/2009)

    • Add Pre-Analysis support for State Plane, UTM and Local NEE coordinate systems.
    • Add support for the Canadian Geoid .BYN file format.

    Version (05/11/2009)

    • Add support to import Trimble JXL (XML) files (GPS data).
    • Add support to import .RAW and .RW5 files (GPS data record types: AH, BP, BL, CV).
    • Add support to import Leica SKI files (GPS data).
    • Add option to export field headers in User Defined export.

    Version (latest version - 02/24/2009)

    • Add support to import Trimble Data Exchange (.ASC) files.
    • Add support for the Local Geoid Model for the City Of Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Version (01/06/2009)

    • Add support to load WGS 84 geodetic coordinates from Google Earth 'kml' files. This is a great way to prepare coordinates in Google Earth, then load them into COLUMBUS for network design or adjustment.

    Version (12/21/2008)

    • Fix rotation of error ellipses (Network Adjustment graphical view).
    • Modify the height of standardized residual count bars (Residual Distribution graphical view).

    Version (12/09/2008)

    • Recalculate Adjusted State Plane/UTM coordinates and inverses each time their respective Adjustment Result View is opened.
    • Allow user to enter ALTA PPM and Fixed values of 0.

    Version (10/26/2008)

    • Add support for importing legacy Trimble SSF and SSK files.
    • Fix intermittent program crash when viewing ALTA results after a network adjustment.

    Version (10/20/2008)

    • Add column sorting support for the data entry/editing grids.
    • Add import support for Ashtech 'O' and Thales Navigation 'OBN' Files.

    Version (09/28/2008)

    • Add support for ECEF XYZ 3D network adjustments.
    • Add support to export the adjusted geodetic and ECEF XYZ covariance matrix for each station (NN, EE, UU, NE, NU, EU and XX, YY, ZZ, XY, XZ, YZ).

    Version (09/08/2008)

    • Add the support to export UTM and State Plane scalers (grid scale, height scale, combined scale) and mapping angle after generating these coordinates using either the network adjustment or the State Plane/UTM coordinate transformation tool.
    • Change format of Mapping Angle in the .CSV created when generating a report in the Adjusted UTM and State Plane views. The format now is: DD.MMSSsssss.

    Version (09/01/2008)

    • Enable the powerful adjustment tools "Free - Eliminate Outliers" and "Fixed - All Cases" for Local NEE networks.
    • Fix bug in which final statistics for Direction observations are not computed in runs 2..n when using the tools mentioned in #1 above.

    Version (06/30/2008)

    • Fix bug that fails to merge geodetic coordinate observations when using the TOOLS - COMBINE TWO STATIONS tool. This only pertains to a project containing geodetic coordinate observations.

    Version (06/12/2008)

    • Increase the size of the Datum to Datum (Geo <--> Geo) Transformation dialogs. Data entered into these fields are then persisted in the registry.
    • Add additional internally defined datums. Datums that are not internally provided, can be easily added using the DATA - DATUMS grid.

    Version (05/27/2008)

    • Simplify the format of ASCII (Text) Options Settings. These settings can be included in the COLUMBUS Input File. The new format is more intuitive and self documenting.

    Version (05/07/2008)

    • Fix DATA - STATIONS - GEODETIC tab. When editing the geodetic station record type, the vertical deflection in NS and EW may get reset to zero after selecting the Keep and Exit button.

    Version (04/12/2008)

    • Fix DATA - OBSERVATIONS - BEARING SET tab so the user can set the Quadrant field to blank (empty) without generating a validation error.

    Version (03/30/2008)

    • Minor terminology changes in some UI screens and reports.

    Version (03/24/2008)

    • Add gaussian radius, ppm, mean scale factors to State Plane/UTM adjustment and transformation results.
    • Add project average geoid height option to compute scale factors that require an approximate ellipsoidal height.
    • Combine Options Settings into fewer dialogs. Remove Height Update dialog and replace with user prompt.
    • Add additional checks when importing G-Files.
    • Add orthometric height synchronization tool.
    • Add delta elevation to UP data conversion tool.

    Version (02/18/2008)

    • Add BlueBook G-File support to FILE - IMPORT command.
    • Create Network DXF for State Plane and UTM networks.
    • Force Ashtech 'O' file processing to load all baselines in the 'O' file even when the header record is incomplete.
    • Always write out selected network fixed (or constrained) stations when using the FILE - SAVE or FILE - SAVE AS command.
    • Fix direction set number assignment when merging stations.

    Version (01/27/2008)

    • Remove busy cursor when editing station grids.
    • Fix random crashing of the Tools - Geo <--> NEU coordinate transformation dialog.

    Version (01/24/2008)

    • Intuitive spreadsheet style Data Management Grids for Stations, Observations and Datums.

    Version (10/29/2007)

    • Increase the number of direction sets for each station from 25 to 100.
    • Fix bug that can occur when setting the Direction Set Number (or ID) outside the range of 1 to 25. The working effective range of values is 1 to 999999.

    Version (10/22/2007)

    • Make coordinate type View menus enabled unless a network adjustment is active.
    • Standardize logic for graphical views. Points can now be closer together without sitting on top of one another.
    • When adding observations, if station does not exist, create station in same coordinate type as current view.

    Version (10/15/2007)

    • Add Automated Search (and Removal) for Outlier logic for State Plane and UTM (TM) adjustments.
    • Add Automated Search for Best Control Stations logic for State Plane and UTM (TM) adjustments.

    Version (10/03/2007)

    • Fix import/export setup for ECEF Z and ECEF Z SD.

    Version (09/25/2007)

    • Fix update of adjusted State Plane/UTM Inverse View following an on-the-fly Zone change.

    Version (09/17/2007)

    • Fix State to Geo and UTM to Geo Transformation in Tools module (issue introduced in Using invalid North and East coordinates.
    • Modify demo project BIGBASIN_NET.TXT.

    Version (09/05/2007)

    • Add support State Plane, UTM, TM adjustments (2D and 3D).
    • Canadian HT2_0 geoid model.
    • Simplified the Options Library Manager User Interface.

    Version (04/17/2007)

    • Add support for Local NEE, State Plane and UTM (TM) Traversing and Loop Closures.
    • Optionally view all selected reports in summary view or by page using the Print Preview command.

    Version (03/07/2007)

    • Change OPUS Import logic based on updated OPUS-RS solutions format (as of Jan, 2007).

    Version (11/15/2006)

    • Add support for trig leveling adjustment and traversing.
    • Add quick calculation tools for curvature, deflection of the vertical and refraction.
    • Station and observation removal (by type) tools.
    • Please see Readme.txt file.

    Version (09/25/2006)

    • Add support for additional results when using the State Plane/UTM to-from Geodetic tools. Automatic extension defaulting when saving files.
    • Please see Readme.txt file.

    Version 08/21/2006)

    • Support for OPUS files for projects in the southern and eastern hemispheres
    • Please see Readme.txt file.

    Version (08/11/2006)


    • OPUS file import
    • Coordinate file import
    • Adjusted State Plane coordinates
    • Please see Readme.txt file.


    • Coordinate observations
    • Observation standard deviation scalers
    • Please see Readme.txt file.

    Version (05/18/2006)

    • Comprehensive column sorting for selection lists and computational results.
    • Coordinate observations with NEU or ENU covariance elements.
    • Aposteriori variance factor by observation type.

    Version (04/11/2006)

    • Approximate coordinate generation enhancements.

    Version (01/05/2006)

    • Add support for ALTA/ACSM Positional Uncertainty testing. Threshold parameters are set to ALTA requirements, but they can also be modified for more/less stringent requirements as needed.
    • Fix rarely occurring program crash in certain Results | Confidence Region views when using the Switch Context command.

    Version (12/06/2005)

    • Routes can now be saved with the project file. Create any number of routes (sequence of stations) and call upon them any time you want to perform COGO Traverses (open or loop), Inverses, Network Design, or Area computations.
    • Add support to specify hidden stations within the project file. Stations can be hidden in the Main Project View or in the Network Adjustment/Design View.
    • Increase number of direction set numbers from 1-25 to 1-99999.
    • Add additional acknowledgement messages for various Options Library actions.

    Version (10/04/2005)

    • Update Help System.
    • Modify Zoom In, Zoom Out Partial, Zoom Out Full nomenclature.
    • Change default Options Settings Change Prompt to be set upon installation.
    • Add automatic scrolling in the Route Selection dialog when inserting stations into the right side route list.

    Version (09/26/2005)

    • Add optional prompt to alert user that Options Setting changes have not been checked into the Options Library.
    • Fix Print and Print Preview for network views that are predominately N-S or E-W projects.
    • Fix intermittent bug that occasionally appears when Keeping adjusted coordinates from within the Adjusted Coordinates view.

    Version (09/02/2005)

    • Fix empty Datum List in the File | Convert 3rd Party Files | Trimble Geo office dialog.

    Version (08/30/2005)

    • Modify the Select Traverse/Design Route dialog to allow editing of an existing route or creating a new route. You can point-and-click to establish your route, and now you can edit the route (or create a completely different route) using this dialog.

    Version (08/21/2005)

    • NEW - Options Library Manager.
    • NEW - Support for 1D, 2D, and 3D point-and-click geodetic traversing with redundant observations.
    • NEW - Simplify Local 2D NE and 3D NE Elev adjustments.


    • Fix critical bug that occurs when renaming a station in the Data - Stations dialog boxes.
    • ISSUE: Within Options - Global Settings dialog there is a check box entitled "Remove equipment applied curvature correction from zenith angles". This option has no effect and will be removed in the next release.


    • Fix critical bug that occurs when clicking below the end of the list within the Fixed or Constrained station selection dialog box. files.


    • Improve Zoom-In and Zoom-Out support on graphical views.
    • Add support for Geoid03 Little-Endian (Intel) grid files. Previous releases only supported the Big-Endian Geoid03 grid files.


    • Support 1D Vertical Pre-Analysis using geodetic stations.
    • Simplify Local North/East and Local North/East/Ortho Hgt adjustments.
    • Extract Station Description from Ashtech 'O' files.
    • Add new keyword $STATION_TYPE_FOR_OBS to allow more flexibility in the creation of missing station types referenced by observations within the input file. This new keyword can replace keyword $NETTYP.
    • Allow continuing with the adjustment process when two or more stations have the same approximate coordinates (within 0.00001m of each other).


    • Fix bug that can occur when performing Pre-Analysis using a constrained station (not fixed.) Setting a station to be constrained automatically creates coordinate observations for that station. These coordinate observations could cause COLUMBUS to crash (shutdown) during a Pre-Analysis run.


    • Fix bug occurring when a station is fixed in 2D and constrained in 1D. During the computation of the approximate coordinates, the station was getting set back to free in 2D (instead of the desired setting of fixed in 2D.)


    • Fix bug displaying stations near zero longitude. Add support to transform 2D Geodetic coordinates to Local NE (north and east) and Local NE to 2D Geodetic.


    • Add support for Horizontal Angle Left observations in the COLUMBUS ASCII (Text) input file. To use this feature, replace $HOR with $HORLEFT, $HOR_COMPACT with $HORLEFT_COMPACT, or $HORIZ_ANGLE_ONLY with $HORIZ_ANGLELEFT_ONLY. When this observation type is loaded into COLUMBUS, it is automatically converted to a horizontal angle right.


    • Improve Backsight selection in COGO to allow selection of an Azimuth or Backsight coordinates.


    • Fix Units changing problem when including multiple files with the $INCLUDE_FILE directive.


    • Remove Transfer License option to provide install without administrative privileges.
    • Fix crash when deleting the last node from memory from within any of the Data | Station dialogs.


    • Fix Alt + M Virtual Key for the Results | Combination Details command.


    • Change Access Code Security options.


    • Initial release.

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TDS .rw5 and .raw File Conversion Tool

    Version (12/03/2010)
    • Fix GPS Baseline units to match those in the MO record.

    Version (04/30/2008)

    • Fix instrument and target height linear units after refactoring code. Set default units to meters if no MO record is found.

    Version (04/27/2008)

    • Add support for Carlson BR and FR records. BD, FD, FR, BR records are now meaned when part of the same observation group.

    Version (03/10/2008)

    • Support to create COLUMBUS State Plane or Local NEE coordinate records. Coordinates in .raw file (or .rw5) are written to the COLUMBUS output file.

    Version (04/20/2007)

    • Horizontal angle records with the same BS and FS station name will be converted to an azimuth record with the AZ and AZ SD portion "NOOBS". The zenith angle and slope distance are preserved.

    Version (07/27/2006)

    • Add Support to convert antenna-to-antenna based GPS vectors to mark-to-mark vectors for use in COLUMBUS.


    • Add Support for GPS records BP, BL and CV. Update the user interface.


    • Add Support for FD record. Display message when unsupported records are found in file, then give user the option of ignoring these records.


    • Add Support for BD record. Store dialog settings in config file so they are available each time you use this utility. Add more detailed success message to indicate the number of stations for which approximate coordinates could not be computed.


    • Add feature code support for stations determined through TR, SS, and OB records (Traverse, Sideshot, and Observation records.). Fix standard deviations appearing in each generated COLUMBUS input record so that they are in the same units as the matching observation.


    • Initial release of this utility.

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NGS Bluebook File Conversion Tool

    Version (02/06/2008)
    • Extract AT and TO station (alpha) identifiers from record C.


    • Fix extraction of elevation field from record *80*.


    • Initial release of this utility.

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Nikon Raw Data File Conversion Tool

    Version (03/22/2007)
    • Replace $NETTYP keyword with $STATION_TYPE_FOR_OBS keyword in resulting COLUMBUS file.
    • Replace $LOCAL_COMPACT keyword with $LOCAL_NEUE_COMPACT keyword in resulting COLUMBUS file.


    • Initial release of this utility.

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Topcon XML File Conversion Tool


    • Initial release of this utility.

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Leica Ski File Conversion Tool

    • Added support to extract baseline Feature "Type" Code information.

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GeoLab File Conversion Tool

    • Modified handling of the "COV" record to ignore missing matrix scaler/additive fields. These variables will not be reset to ZERO if the fields are empty.


    • Initial release of this utility.

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