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Training Videos for COLUMBUS

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Use these free online training videos to learn more about COLUMBUS Network Adjustment Software Version 3.8.1.x.  
Download the free COLUMBUS Demo.

View the training videos online or download them to your PC. If you choose the download option, use the free Camtasia Player for best viewing.

  1. Introduction and 1D Vertical Network Adjustment (12 min)

  2. 2D Geodetic Traverse and Loop Closure Using Public Land Survey System (PLSS) Record Data (12 min)

  3. 3D Local Horizon NEE Network Adjustment with ALTA Testing (14.5 min) This mathematical model is suitable for projects of limited extent (e.g., one square kilometer or less). ALTA - American Land Title Association.

  4. 3D State Plane Network Adjustment using Orthometric and Ellipsoidal Height (17 min)

  5. 3D Geodetic Network Adjustment with Terrestrial and GPS Observations (23 min)

  6. 3D Geodetic Least Squares Datum-To-Datum Transformation (11.5 min)

  7. Least Squares Adjustment using OPUS Coordinate Observations (11.5 min)

  8. Report Generation (11 min)

Network Adjustment and Coordinate Transformation
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