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Real-World Applications of COLUMBUS

State Plane Network Adjustment in COLUMBUS

COLUMBUS allows you to perform 2D and 3D network adjustments using State Plane coordinates. Simply create an input file (or build your project using the Data Management grids) and you are ready to adjust.


You have just peformed a 3D survey (based on known State Plane coordinate control + elevation) and want to perform an adjustment resulting in State Plane coordinates plus elevation.

Here is what you do.

  1. Create an input file similar to the one shown. Provide the State Plane coordinate for each station you intend to hold fixed.

  2. Open the file into COLUMBUS and set up the COLORADO 0501 State Plane Zone (or your project specific zone).

  3. Change the view to 3D State Plane and perform an adjustment based on Orthometric Height.

Network Adjustment and Coordinate Transformation
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