We are continually refining and adding new support for data elements from third-party vendors.

Supported third-party data files

Data for the current project can be imported at any time and from different formats. With each import, you add more data (stations and observations) to the current project. You can also use the Columbus Importer to quickly load Columbus 3.X and Columbus 4.6 files.

Your feedback matters

To ensure ongoing refinement of the Columbus Importer, we welcome feedback from our customers.

We recognize that supporting third-party formats is an ongoing process, since formats can change, new data fields are added, or sometimes an additional data item is required by you. Our goal is to support as many formats as we can, while continuing to improve the completeness of currently-supported formats.

With your help, we can make our Importer smarter and better for the entire Columbus community. Email to contact us.